Meet Erica

Hi, I'm Erica, and welcome to my page! I am an Art Teacher in Pennsylvania and Children's Art Instructor at our local Art Museum. Growing up I never had a shortage of art supplies. I drew on anything I could get my hands on, from the offering envelopes at church to the walls in my bedroom. After discovering that Sharpie is both permanent, and NOT removable from bathroom linoleum, my parents quickly enrolled me in every art class available. I grew up in our local museum learning to love the smell of the exhibits and dreaming of working in a museum some day. When I wasn't taking classes, my mother taught me ceramics and gave me my first camera. I sculpted clay cities and creatures out of my imagination and photographed the world from my small perspective. 

After graduating college I spent 10 years of operating as a freelance Graphic Designer before pursuing a Certification in Art Education. For the past six years I've taught children in at-risk schools, worked with autistic children, taught after school art programs, worked as a summer camp art instructor and curated several local student and public exhibits. 

When I'm not teaching art, in my spare time (what's that?), I pursue painting, printmaking, photography and enjoy traveling. I am also the proud rescue mom of three ginger kittens: Sheldon, Simba, and Romeo

All photos on this site were taken by Erica Whiting


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Art is a VERB, it’s something you DO.